Kitchen deep cleaning is becoming one of our most popular services here at CLiCK Commercial and Residential Cleaning.





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Kitchen Deep Cleaning

There are a number of reasons why, but two of the most popular being:


Whether it be at home or at the office, finding the time to properly deep clean your kitchen is becoming more difficult

We are becoming more aware of disease and bacteria transferred from food and cooking utensils/work spaces. Kitchen hygiene is moving higher up on clients’ priorities lists.


 For Residential/Commercial/Corporate Kitchen Cleaning please email for a free quotation


Kitchen Antimicrobial Deep Clean – From R495.00

Including Enzymes Treatments to neutralise odours, 
sanitising, anti-viral & anti-bacteria treatments.



Our team of Kitchen Deep Cleaners are known for their ability to restore everything back to its original state; from canopies, extractor fans, filters, tiles, and kitchen surfaces. Once all items are cleaned by Click Technicians, we apply an industrial Enzymes to ensure items are free from germs and bacteria. This process also neutralises odours which may form in the kitchen.  Our Eco-Friendly Enzymes eat away grime, grease & bacteria.

Click guarantee complete satisfaction with our Kitchen Deep Cleans, which are performed by our trained technicians.